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Team USA Qualifier Answers

How do I qualify?

Currently hold a 2016 W1-W8 title position or race a 2017 world qualifier race and finish top 8

I am a 2016 W1-W8, can I race a world qualifier?

NO.  Anyone holding a world number from Medellin, Colombia cannot race a qualifier. 

I am qualified for one of my bicycles (20"or 24") does that qualify the other?

 NO.  You must qualify on each class and bicycle you wish to compete.

I qualifed in 2017 at a qualifer, can I race additional qualifers?

 NO.  Once you qualify in a class, you can no longer race additional qualifers

Where are the qualifier races?

Phoenix, AZ, Rock Hill, SC, Redmond, OR, and Austin, TX 

What class do I race at the qualifier?

Challenge class or Master.  The racing age of the rider is age as of December 31st.  There is no proficiency in UCI classes.

What is the difference beteween Challenge & Master class?

Challenge class is an amatuer class, Masters class is for riders 30 years of age and could be considered veteran pro.

Is the qualifier racing under UCI rules?

 Yes.  All UCI rules can be referenced here

Is the qualifier racing under the total point scoring rules?

 Yes.  All UCI rules can be referenced here

Do I receive USA BMX points for the world qualifier races?

 No.  The UCI challenge classes are considered a non pointed open class

I am a Jr Elite or Elite Rider, how do I qualify?

 USA Cycling will handle all championship level qualifying through their own event.  Info can be found here

Do I need a UCI or USA Cycling membership to race a world qualifier?

 No.  However a current USA BMX license is necessary

Can I register for only the challenge class at the qualifier races?

 YES.  It is not necessary to race a USA BMX pointed class 

Is the qualifier race open to everyone?

 It is open to all USA citizens eligible for a USA Cycling license

Can I race more than 1 qualifer, if I do not qualify?

Yes, you may continue to race until you have qualifed in the respective class

Does the qualifier race have a special schedule?

The race will run with the regular Friday national schedule at each event.  Keep in mind UCI classes do run total points, 3rd round will be immediately after 2nd round concludes.

What age classes are offered at the qualifer race?

All full list of UCI classes can be found here.  UCI rules state the riders only race age group and they do not recognize proficiency.

Can I sign up for both masters & challenge at the same qualifier or another qualifier?

No.  Those are 2 different UCI class profiencies.  Once you race (deem) a UCI category you are then obligated to race that category for the entire 2017 season.  

Is there any special documentation you need to race a qualifier?

No.  You only need proof of your USA BMX license.

Where do I find a list of the riders already qualified?

The list is published and updated here

UCI World Championship Answers

When is the World Championship?

 July 22nd-29th, 2017

Where is the World Championship?

The race wil be held at the Novant BMX Supercross Track in Rock Hill, SC 

What is the schedule for the World Championship? 

The event schedule is not final as of February 2017.  The schedule is updated here

I am qualified to race the World Championship, whats next?

You must purchase a USA Cycling license, once your license number is issued you may proceed to register for Team USA with USA BMX via the link located at

What will the cost be for Worlds entry fees and Team USA jersey?

The approximate cost for entry will be $350 per class.  This does include your jersey, coaching staff, mechanics, and athletic trainers for rider support.

Now that I have qualified, when can I signup and what is the deadline?

The tentative timeline for registration is in the nomination worksheet here.  The plan is to open registration 2 weeks after the qualification race that you qualifed in.

Do I have to wear a Team USA uniform at the World Championship?

The Team USA jersey in mandatory.  Race pants, gloves and helmets may be of your own liking.

Do I need a UCI license to race the World Championship?

Yes.  A UCI BMX Internatinoal license in the USA is purchased and issued by USA Cycling.

Where do I get a USA Cycling license?

The license must be purchased directly from USA Cycling.  USA BMX can not issue a USA Cycling license.

Will I need my USA Cycling license before I attempt to register for the World Championship?

Yes.  Please plan accordingly to purchase your license and get a member ID issued by USA Cycling before attempting the registration process with USA BMX.

What bike plate number do I use at the World Championship?

The bike number is issued at the race by UCI and the UCI World Championship plate must be used during the race without any altercations.

Is there a host hotel for Team USA?

As of March 2017 there are no special negotiated rates for hotels.  There is no discount for registration to the world championships but we will continue to work with hotels for special rates and post accordingly.

When should I arrive in Rock Hill for Worlds?

The tentative UCI schedule shows practice Sunday & Monday July 23rd&24th.  That will be the only days to practice.  You MUST have rider credentials prior to practice and those will be available for pickup begining Satruday July 22nd.

I cannot arrive for a practice day, how do I receive credentials?

Team USA representatives will make every attempt to have an option each morning of practice for credential pickup.  It is the riders responsibility to arrange enough time to pickup and Team USA will have no guarantee on practice morning the line for pickup will end prior to practice.




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