Put those flats on your bike and head to Richfield Park BMX this coming Sunday.  We got a combined Earned Double points race with a Flat Pedals Money Open.  Check out our Facebook page for updates.  In the Flat Pedals Open there will be four classes.   Starting with our youngest Open riders at 10 and under, then 11 through 14 years, up to 15 through 34, and then 35 and over.  The 14 and under classes for the Open will be awarded various prize along with the award of the day.  For those who make the main in the 15 and over age classes of the Flat Pedals Open there is currently $1500 to divy out.  Entry fees will also go towards increasing the pot.  Included in the Flat Pedal Money Open will be some Hole Shot Cash.  Registration will be from 9:00 am until 11:30 am with racing starting ASAP after motos are posted.  We expect to be running the Parade Lap by Noon with the elbow bumping around the entire track soon after.  We normally start our Sunday races later in the day.  But, so our friends from all around the state both inside and outside the borders, we are getting a jump on the day so racers can get an early start on the road home.  

Racers in the Flat Pedal Open must race class.  The Flat Pedal race is a Mixed Open Wheel race.   Cost for the Earned Double is $25, the Flat Pedal Open for those 15 and over is $20.  The entry fee for 14 and under is $10.

There is a gate practice scheduled for Wednesday October 11th from 4:30 to dusk ( maybe later with permission from the Parks) so long as the weather is conducive to riding.  Also, don't forget the following Sunday, we will be holding our Annual Chili Cook-off Contest along with an early Halloween Ghouls and Gremlins Race.  Mark the days on your calendar and get in some of the last outdoor racing in the northern states prior to the Grands.