Since about the second week of the race season, Richfield Park BMX has had a variety of races surrounding our track within a one to five hour drive that draws from the Michigan rider base.  Music City National, Gold Cup race in Indy, Kingston National, Rockford National, a national in Minnesota, Waterford Oaks BMX SCR and this coming weekend the Stars and Stripes National in Pittsburgh.  Many of the racers from our own rider base at Richfield Park BMX attended the Midwest National in Rockford.  Now we have to contend with the onslaught of the remaining SCR qualifiers within our own state.  I believe that their are four SCR qualifiers left to race prior to the SCR Final.  That means that Richfield Park BMX will be trying to bump up the rider count for the Thursday Night Series of racing.  Originally, Thursday is suppose to be our race make-up day for rain outs or shutting down to accomodate the other track running their SCR on our regularly scheduled race day.  But, the condensed Michigan State Series Schedule and the National race schedule has made it so we need to have some good Thursday rider counts.  Please make a note of it on your calendar and come out to enjoy the later day ( cooler sometimes) racing on Thursday.  We look forward to keeping the track ready for you.


So, all the above said, if your looking for a track to sneak in a few more single point races to get you some bonus points for the State Series, you may want to take advantage of our upcoming Sunday race on the 9th.  Plus, we are waiting for approval from the sanction to race this coming Thursday the 6th.  These are two races that can help you get those extra needed bonus points in case your tied in points or withing a few points of the leader for the state plate in your proficiency. 

On days that we feel we should shut down due to another close track holding their SCR, we may hold a gate practice later in the day.  It would be for those who feel a need to get their timing down out of the gate or just want to build their track stamina.  We also have in the plans to hold another Parts swap/sale, Bike Show, and Gate Practice while the SCR qualifier is taking place in Traverse City at GTCBMX.   We know that not everyone can make it to all the qualifiers and choose to race  ones closest to home.  So, if you have a need for some good used parts or bikes, like checking out pristene vintage bikes, and want to get in on some time trials, keep an eye on our facebook page (Richfield Park BMX) for information regarding time for the event. 

One last thing while I am on here, we have one last double points race we need to schedule.  We plan on setting that up with the USABMX office within the next two weeks.  As a part of the double points race, we would like to know if there is a strong interest for a Flat Pedal Money Open.  Of course, as always, there's the requirement of having to ride class/cruiser to be a part of the Open.  But, I am asking because the question has been brought up with possible help to provide for a decent pot of cash to start with.  Our track would toss in what we feel we can afford and depends on our rider counts prior to a Money Open.  Since all our riders of Novice proficiency are required to race on flats, it's possible that we could go in that direction too.  So, whatever interest that there is out there, hit us up on our facebook page and let us know if you would be down for such a race.  I'm not sure what other tracks have done flat pedal opens.  But, I would like our track to hold one just to see what kind of talent would show up for the race.  And, who is the best on flat pedals in our own back yard of Michigan.  

Dennis Ybarra

Track Operator

Richfield Park BMX