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6550 N Irish Road
Davison MI 48423
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Track Operator:
Dennis Ybarra
810-919-2086 cell/810-653-2632
Jason Inloes

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Richfield Park BMX News

  • Dominique and Tim Daniels Pro Clinic

    Odd that we just got to using our mini page to announce a Pro clinic at Richfield Park BMX.  That's right, Dominique and Tim Daniels are scheduled to be here at Richfield Park BMX this Saturday and Sunday.  The Friday Pro clinic has been canceled due to Dominique and Tim have a mechanical failure on the way here.  Message was sent that as of 4:00 pm today that they are waiting at a repair facility for their vehicle to get the fix it needs.  But, that they plan to arriv...

  • Richfield park bmx is two weeks into the new 2017 season.

    Been pretty busy with life in general outside of bmx track operation.  But, for those who read this page, the bmx track at Richfield Park has been up and running for two weeks now.  Our Race for Life fundraiser will be taking place tomorrow afternoon so long as Mother Nature works with us and provides clear and sunny skies.  Forecast shows otherwise, but, the weather can always change on a moments notice.  So, given the hopes and prayers of all bmx families and racers, w...

  • Strength for Sam 91 fundraiser

    Come on out this coming Sunday for our last race of the season and the Strength for Sam 91 fundraiser.  As most racers know, Sam Willoghby was seriously injured after he looped out during a practice session.  Thanks to USABMX participant rider certificates can be printed and used as a replacement for the usual award/trophies given out at local races so tracks can raise as must as possible to help Sam.  We at Richfield Park BMX are hoping for a good showing from the race communi...

  • Money Open double points race with $1500 in pot from the Richfield Park BMX

    Richfield Park BMX putting $1500 into the Money Open double points race. If as a racer you are looking for good reason to make your way to Richfield Park BMX, we are providing one for you.  Our earned double points race is this coming Saturday night.  We are going to hold our second annual Money Open and put $1500 into the open class for racers between the ages of 15 and 35.  We are in contact with USABMX to help us set up our track laptop to allow for seperate combined age ...

  • Good Turn out for the DK GOLD CUP / SCR COMBINED QUALIFIER

    Great weather provides for a great turnout at the Richfield Park BMX DK Gold Cup / SCR combined qualifier. This past Saturday and Sunday brought a combination of sizzling temps on Saturday and about the best racing weather we could ask for on Sunday.  Saturday night we held a race that we dug out of the history books of Michigan BMX racing.  The gate dropped for the second half of what is remembered as the Schools Out Shoot Out after spending the morning and early afternoon at Wa...


    DK GOLD CUP/SCR COMBINED QUALIFER - TRIPLE POINT RACE THIS SUNDAY This coming Sunday June 12th we are hosting our DK Gold Cup/SCR combined qualifier.  If you have been searching for information on the race and haven't checked our facebook page you may have missed the scheduled date.  With that possiblity in mind, this post should provide you with the information you need.   Registration for the race on race day is from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, racing is to begin ASAP a...

  • Race Season Opener pushed forward to Mothers Day due to rain last Sunday.

    The beginning of the outdoor race season at Richfield Park BMX was delayed a week due to the usual Michigan weather.  Rain came down all night on Saturday and into Sunday afternoon making track conditions beyond what volunteers could muster to make the races happen.  So, for those who had planned to make it out last Sunday, we certainly will welcome you back on this Sunday the 8th.  And, if they so choose, the Moms can hop on a bike and compete too.  Yesterday the track wa...

  • Last race of the season and Annual Awards Banquet

    For the last race of the season on Sunday October 25th, we are hoping that Mother Nature provides some sunshine and mild temps.  Registration will begin at 12:30 pm and run till 2:30 pm with races to start ASAP after motos are posted.  Pack up the gear and bikes to hit the track one last time before we all have to race at the closest indoor track in the state.  To my knowledge and according to the Rock City Indoor volunteers, Rock City Indoor BMX began running races a week afte...

  • Update on the Double Points Money Open for Saturday September 26th

    Save a spot on your calendar for this race on Saturday night September 26th.  Richfield Park BMX will be running a early night double points Money Open with $1000 in the pot for the 15 and over class.  We have confirmed the payout is as follows. First Place $500, 2nd Place $300, 3rd Place $200, 4th Place $60, 5th Place $50, 6th Place $40,7th Place $30, 8th Place $20.  Payouts could be higher depending on how many riders sign up for the Money Open.  We are also looking a...

  • Richfield Park BMX Open House and sign-ups on Saturday.

    In the past month, Our volunteers have done a lot of hard work to prepare for our first race of the season.   To try to get a jump on any wait time at the registration window, we are having an Open House on May 2nd.  The time of the event is from 12 Noon to 6:00 pm.  It's a window of opportunity for riders to renew their license while getting in a few laps of the tracks new layout.  We expect to have individuals and parents show up that have been looking to experience ...