#10  This is the Second State Championship Race of the 2017 season.... Per USABMX rules a rider 
must compete in 4 state races and the final to be qualified for the State Championship Title and plate 
A full explanation of the 2017 State Championship competition rules are available online through our website or


#9 Registration is 11:00 am – 12:30pm. CST No practice is allowed unless you are signed up to race. Please be
respectful of the other riders and sign up before you ride. Race fees are $25 for class or cruiser; $50 for class and
cruiser ;$5 for Open or Strider. Awards will be given 1ST
– 8TH place.


#8  Please bring your USABMX membership and and know your Bike Number...State Plates are allowed for all 2016
State Champions.


#7 The Hill has a unique racing surface that allows us to race regardless of how wet it is… the race will “go” unless forced to stop by heavy rain or lightening during the race…we do not cancel


#6 TEAM SHEETS.... Please check out the team sheet rules o our website and fb page. Team sheets will be acceptedper the 2017 Hill Team Sheet Rules and we welcome the fun and added competition of teams competing!! There is NO CHARGE for team sheets.


#5 TENT tent space is available – there are bleachers available on both sides of the track that offer an excellent view of the track... if you want to put a tent up (EZUP canopy) note that the diagram provided in this post is the only place tents may be set up around the track… NO set up before 9AM! Tent /Pit spaces are available on a first come basis…please do not “reserve” a spot for people who are coming later in the morning… anyone set up prior to 9am will be asked to take their pit down ….NO TENTS will be allowed in the infield.


#4 PARKING....available at to “top” of the track area by the park’s real bathrooms ..... and near the track itself... we
have limited access to “trackside” parking” Please follow the parking areas indicated on the parking /tent map. If
you park at the “top” there is a short walk on paved path leading to the track.


#3 Area camping and Hotel info. There is NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING at The Hill... a campground is close by...there
are also hotels available.... Please follow hotel links on our website and fb page.


#2  We accept cash or credit cards for payment....


Presigns will be open beginning Wednesday the 3rd through Friday the 5th The presign number is
224-227-3327.... Presign call in hours are 3pm-9pm CST
and will close on Friday. There will be NO call in presigns the day of the race...if you are running late, please make arrangements or a friend, teammate, etc. to sign you up. Sorry for the inconvenience but the phone
will not be available for call ins on Saturday. You must have a credit card number to presign.