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    Gold Cup Finals Central - Springfield, MO

    We're in the land of Bass boats and fishing lures for the 2015 Gold Cup Central FInals.

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    USA BMX announces 2016 National Schedule

    With more 3-Day Nationals, some brand new venues and the return to some classic tracks, along with the U.S. Olympics Trials leading up to August's Olympic Games in Brazil, the 2016 USA BMX National tour is going to be nothing short of phenomenal!

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    Lumberjack Nationals race report

    For the first-timer arriving at Columbia Basin BMX in Richland, Washington, the first thing you might notice is the plush green grass surrounding the track, and inbetween straightaways. Next, you'll take note of all of the light poles - making this track one of the best lit BMX venues in the entire U.S.. For the safety-factor, each lightpole in the infield has been carefully padded-up, for those who might veer off course.

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    Blackjack Nationals Race Report

    It is time once again for the USA BMX Blackjack Nationals in Reno, Nevada where riders battle it out for their shot at the Western Divisional Finals title.

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    Derby City Nationals race report

    It's another double-duty weekend of National racing in the good ol' US of A, with the traditional Labor Day weekend extravaganza: Reno or Louisville, Here at Derby City BMX in E.P. "Tom" Sawyer Park, the Eastern Divisional Finals are heating up for what looks to be an awesome weekend of warm weather and great racing!

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    2015 USA BMX Mile High Nationals

    Colorado Hosts the 2nd round of the USA BMX North American SX Series at the Mile High Nationals.

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    2015 Stars and Stripes Nationals

    Pro action from the famous South Park BMX!

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    Putting the RAD in Colorado: Mile High Nationals

    With a brand spanking new dual-hill track, Grand Valley BMX and the City of Grand Junction have really stepped it up! With an Olympic-spec SX starting hill and a beautifully manicured venue, this facility was primed and ready for the 2nd stop in the USA BMX North American Supercross series and Mile High Nationals.

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    2015 Buckeye Nationals Race Report

    The USA BMX National series returns to Ohio for the first time since 2013 and Akron BMX is ready to rock with some of the best in the nation!

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    2015 Land O Lakes Nationals Race Report

    USA BMX rolls into St. Cloud, Minnesota for the 2015 Land O Lakes Nationals. Pineview Park BMX is primed and ready for a weekend of world-class racing action!

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    2015 Empire Nationals Race Report

    We're on the Hudson River at the 2015 Empire Nationals. Tall green trees and hot race action are the story for this weekend!

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    Golden State Nationals race report

    Once you pull in to Chico's fairgrounds, you'll find Silver Dollar BMX and it's incredible red-surfaced super-sealed straightaways. To best describe it, we'd compare the track surface to a gritty tennis court. It's like Flushing Meadow's U.S Open's - only in red, instead of blue. Welcome to the Golden State Nationals!