Hello BMX'ers,

This is Tucker.  As some of you know I was planning on heading to Tulsa for Grands 2016 to compete in first National Race since I started doing BMX in July 2016.  Unfortunately, do to getting a little crazy on our trampoline, I broke my elbow and now have 3 pins in my elbow and a cast.  I get the cast and pins removed on Nov 21st, but will not be able to ride until I am healed.  I wish all the competitors luck, especially in my age group. 

Also, thanks to Brent Strerriker for working on my bike while I have been in a cast. He put some new Box rims on, new gears, spokes, chain and grips.  From what he says, we just took 2lbs off my bike!  Can't wait to get it on the track and start racing again!  Pictures are posted of it!

Finally,  I won a trophy at our track for "The Most Improved Rider in October 2016".  I want to thank Centex Awards and Central Texas BMX for recognizing me and how much hard work I have put into racing!

Until next time fellow BMX racers!